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One More Day!!

Hey there everyone!
Just a heads up that Ann's new solo album "Hope & Glory" comes out TOMORROW on 9/11!! I am super excited and you should be too because it's AMAZING. VH1.com had the whole album up this past week on "The Leak".

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I have also created a lj community for those of you who are still active and would like to discuss Ann/Heart on a regular basis! Come and have a look around!


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damages patty dressed in blood

Hope & Glory!! Sept 11th!

I know this community is pretty dead, but I think everyone needs to know (if you don't already) that Ann has a new album coming out in September!!! Eeee! Her first solo one ever, HOPE & GLORY!!

AND if you pre-order it on Rounder Records you could get an autographed copy!!

I have heard several tracks from the album and it is really good! Spread the word, people!
Her myspace has two songs up for you to listen to including a reworked cover of Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song!

Congrats and good luck to Ann!
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Mike & Catherine

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I just want to let you all know, I think I'm going to shut down the Ann community and just make one for both. It seems like it would be easier to just update one and post graphics and misc. to one journal. Obviously I can't multi-task. I'll post with the Heart Community name and then close this by the end of the month probably.
Everyone can post in these groups!
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So glad I found this community (as well as legheads_lament) They're both pretty dead, but I thought I'd say Hi and share some things anyway.

Just a few graphics I made.
Tiny HEART post

- 5 icons
1 FO Banner
2 Headers

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Rest are H E R E @ random_obsess

Also a bit of video for those who care to watch. I saw them at Billy Bob's Texas this past Friday!

Crazy on You intro
Very end of Crazy on You
Barracuda Intro
Really loud bit of guitar solo in Barracuda
Almost all of Black Dog

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